Highlands Bunker Podcast

Fetters Burst Asunder - Back in the Bunker for an interview with Rob about How Capitalism Ends, history, ideology, progress and cricket... (Audio only)

Majority Report with Sam Seder

Interview about 'How Capitalism Ends' with Sam Seder & Emma Vigeland.

How Capitalism Ends

A short clip of Dr Kuba Wrzesniewski and Jason Myles of TIR Podcast recommending "How Capitalism Ends" as ammunition for your Twitter wars...

This is Revolution Podcast

Discussing' How Capitalism Ends' with Jason and Kuba.

Actually Existing Socialism Podcast

Discussing 'Unlearning Marx', why Marx's work as a historian is underrated and what we can learn from the whole Soviet experience... (Audio Only)

Unlearning Marx

This is Revolution's Jason Myles reads a short excerpt from 'Unlearning Marx - why the Soviet Failure was a Triumph for Marx'

How Capitalism Engineers Poverty

A short clip from This is Revolution Podcast - capitalism, unemployment & poverty.

This is Revolution Podcast

Chatting about 'Unlearning Marx', 'How Capitalism Ends' and a load of random stuff with the TIR crew.

Analytical & Hegeian Marxism

Discussing G.A. Cohen's analytical marxism with Professor Sean Sayers and Doug Lane.

The Nomiki show Interview

An interview about 'Unlearning Marx'with Nomiki Konst

Highlands Bunker Podcast

Gentlemen & Players - Discussing the USSR, FDR, socialism, democracy and cricket with Rob in the virtual bunker... (Audio only)
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